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At Laken Lane, we specialize in transforming women-owned small businesses and boutiques into globally recognized brands. With tailored strategies and a dedicated partner by your side, we make it simpler than ever to grow your business and achieve your dreams.

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we believe Every woman has the spark to break barriers, & turn their dreams into thriving businesses.

At Laken Lane, we feel the heartbeat of every woman-owned small business. We know how it stings when others copy your hard work or when loyal customers drift away. We’ve felt the rollercoaster of joy when sales soar and the sinking feeling when they dip. And, oh, how it hurts when even those closest to you don’t seem to understand or support your dreams any longer.

Let’s Make Some Magic

We see the fire and spirit in every woman like you. With our special framework and expert advice, we’re here to lift you up, especially when the road gets bumpy. Joining Laken Lane is like finding a friend who truly just gets it. Together, we’ll embrace your passion, face those challenges, and turn them into victories. Let’s make your dreams shine bright and show the world the magic a determined woman can create.


The Sisterhood

Join our exclusive community of passionate, ambitious female entrepreneurs, and boutique owners. Forge connections, collaborations, and friendships that will elevate your business and life.


Your Potential

Embark on a transformative journey, guided by our bespoke strategies and expert knowledge. Together, we’ll unlock the extraordinary power within you, fueling your entrepreneurial ascent.

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