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Alesha Demers

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Lorean Fleck

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Velvet Mullican

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Who is your CSO?

Your CSO has been assigned to you based on the last name we have on file. It is listed below if you are unsure of which last name our system has on record for you (nickname, maiden, or surname).

  • Alesha Demers – Last name A-G
  • Lorean Fleck – Last name H-M
  • Velvet Mullican- Last Name N-Z

Please be aware that simply changing your name in your account will not automatically change your assigned CSO. If you would like to request a new CSO, please email for assistance.

What even is a CSO?

Most students join Laken Lane courses so they can finish their course programs and put their newly-learned material into practice. But the journey to successful implementation is not always easy sailing. Many challenges and barriers can get in the way of success. This is where a chief success officer comes in.

A chief success officer is a relatively new role at Laken Lane and the M$Institute. The chief success officer’s job is to help students overcome any obstacle that is preventing them from achieving their goals. This could include anything from financial challenges and implementation of course material to personal issues, all at no extra cost.

If you find it challenging to keep up with your course material or are unsure which course or program is the best fit for you, reach out to your chief success officer. They will help you get back on track and ensure that you experience the benefits of being a part of Laken Lane.

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Alesha Demers - Last name A-G Lorean Fleck - Last name H-M Velvet Mullican- Last Name N-Z