5 Habits To Lead You Into A More Mindful Day

Not every day is going to be a ‘good’ day. But every day can be an intentional day.

Being mindful and intentional means being in a heightened state of awareness that allows you to recognize your emotions, thoughts, & experiences and respond in a way that is what you truly want for yourself & others in the long term.

Here are six tips to weaving mindfulness into your morning leading you into a more intentional & successful day:

Drink a Glass of Water

One of the first things you should do when you wake up in the morning is to drink water. According to Harvard Medical School, water is essential for carrying oxygen & nutrients throughout your body, flushing bacteria, aiding in digestion, protecting organs & tissues, and so much more. Allow your body to begin with one of the most essential things it needs by drinking a little bit of water.

Write Down 3 Must-Do Things Today

Choose a place in your kitchen where you write down the 3 Must-Do Things that day. Maybe it is on a whiteboard on your refrigerator, or in your agenda or notebook. Make the 3 Must-Do items specific. So instead of your item being answer emails, have it be ‘answer Julie’s email’ or ‘answer 15 of my unread emails.

It doesn’t always have to be work-oriented either. By organizing life, you will be more productive and mindful at work. So, if one of your Must-Do Items is ‘do laundry’ or ‘clean out my desk’, then, by all means, write it down and follow through.

Move Your Body

However, you most feel like you need too, move your body. Perhaps do just a 15-minute yoga practice or go for a morning walk. Carve out time in your morning to go to the gym. Starting your day off with a focus on your own health, both physical & mental, is what will allow you to maintain your hard work and focus throughout the rest of your day.

Eat A Mindful Breakfast

It is a common saying that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is truth in this. Fuel yourself for the tasks & challenges that lay ahead of you. Be intentional & mindful about what you decide to put in your body. Everybody’s body is different, choose a breakfast that leaves you feeling ready for all that you have planned (and unplanned).

Send a Good Thought

That final habit but a valuable tip to incorporate into your mindful morning is for you is to send good thoughts out into the universe. Before you jump into the hustle and bustle of your busy life be sure to choose a person (whether it be a family member, loved one, friend, or stranger) or choose something bigger like the planet or a group of people to send good energy towards.

Start your day by thinking about others. It will get you out of your own world, your own head, as well as put everything into perspective. It will also set your mindset for the day on a positive and humble note.

How we start our day often sets the stage for the rest of your day. You may not necessarily wake up feeling 100%, but cultivate the above five habits, and every interaction you have throughout your day will be a little more meaningful & perhaps lead you to an even deeper place of ‘success’.

Ellie is a Laken Lane contributor. Explore more: https://www.helenafaye.com/



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