How To Empower Yourself By Being Inspired By Others

Ever feel like you missed your chance because someone else has already succeeded? Unfortunately, society creates this idea that if someone else is successful, you cannot be. Society pins one success against another. But, someone else’s success does not negate your ability to succeed. Instead of being discouraged when a colleague or friend succeeds, be inspired. 

Here are a few ideas on how you can empower yourself by being inspired by others: 

Transform comparision

Comparing your wins to someone else’s will only create feelings of inadequacy. Instead, turn comparison into drive and inspiration. Take note of someone’s success and be inspired by what they’ve shown as possible. Instead of feeling inadequate, realize how much potential you have and how much you also can succeed.  

Learn from others

If others have found success, they will have tangible ideas on how you can also find success. Be humble and reach out to people you admire. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and be inspired by what they say. Look at what other people do and use it as an example. They are paving a way for you to get to the top as well. 

Let go of envy

Stop judging your own success based on others. Envy will only radiate negative energy. Again, your own success is not contingent upon someone else’s wins. You can both be winners. Use the inspiration of someone’s success, to envision what your future can be. 

Absorb success

Success is contagious. Allow yourself to feed off of the good energy and success of others. Purposefully, surround yourself with people who are winners in your field. When you are inspired by other’s success, not defeated, you will create that same success in your own life. 

Instead of being resentful of other people, find ways to be empowered, be excited, be impressed, be confident, be inspired. When you support other people and get excited about their wins. You are going to be happier and be more excited about your future too. By empowering others, you will empower yourself. Read more about Intentional Living on the Laken Lane Blog




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