How To Stay Productive While Traveling

Want to stay productive while traveling, but never seem able to get anything done? Take it from a working digital nomad, the airplane can sometimes be your best office. Embrace the hours you are in the sky or waiting for your train and GET STUFF DONE. It will make the adventure time you set aside so much sweeter after getting that article written, those emails answered, or that project outlined.

However, the combination of getting stuff done and traveling does not always go hand in hand. Often, flights get delayed or you have a long-scheduled layover, but let that time in the airport work in your favor and set yourself up to be productive.

Here are some of the tried and true ways I have found that allow me to be productive while traveling:

Maximize Transit and Down Times

No matter what type of travel you are doing there is always downtime and transit time. Take advantage of layovers, plane rides, and/or train rides. I find that I can get some of my creative juices really flowing during transit times as I look out a window and feel removed from the hustle and bustle of everything. Sometimes not being able to answer emails is a good thing. Use the time while you are waiting for your next transit to problem solve that issue that seems to keep coming up or dive into a new project.

Bring the Tools You Need

Be in tune with what you will need in certain work situations. I always bring headphones to tune out noise and my essentials: pen, notebook, charger, and computer. Then I know that I will be able to take advantage of any time I have whether planned or unplanned to dive into some work.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Be sure to think about what you want to work on beforehand. Before you start your travel intentionally think about what work projects need wi-fi and what work projects you can do offline. Do you use google docs? Did you know you can download those offline? Have work options that do not need wifi, so you can be productive through all parts of your trip. Intentionally plan out the work you can do while traveling. It is much harder to figure out what you want to do in the moment.

Set Clear Expectations

Be kind to yourself. You are traveling and things come up! If you know that you have a few things that absolutely need to get done, wake up 30 minutes early so you do not have to be anxious for the rest of your day. Outline your must-do tasks and your bonus points tasks. Be sure to let your teammates & your clients know that you may not be answering right away. This will put you at ease, and everyone you work with as well.

Ultimately, embrace being productive when you can, and let yourself live in the moment when you are not. Take advantage of each minute whether you are pulling out your computer to send an email or exploring a new city.

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