01. Have you joined the M$L™?

Laken Lane™ is a multi-disciplinary consultancy that supports entrepreneurial founders by breaking down limiting beliefs and lifting the veil on industry enigmas. We do this by facilitating the creation of new systems that support innovation and iteration—allowing for unprecedented growth in any given field.

We created the M$L™ for women who want to lick the world with liberation. A place where you can come together with other women who are redefining what it means to be “feminine,” who are breaking down barriers that have been put in place by men for centuries, and who are carving out their own paths into this new world we’re creating together.

M$L is for the women who want to break barriers and crack the earth in half until we all remember the women we were destined to be and begin to evolve that way again. It’s for women who are keen on making their mark on history and helping other women heed in their footsteps.

It’s not about making millions; it’s about breaking the barriers that have been placed upon you and getting into rooms where they once swore no one like you would be allowed.

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