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You’re doing #allthethings, pouring your heart & soul into your boutique business, but somehow, you’re not reaching your goals.

It can be disheartening when your efforts don’t align with your desired outcome.
I understand the frustration and the questions swirling in your mind.

And here’s why…

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Despite your hard work, you may find yourself lacking a clear strategic direction. Without a focused plan, your actions can feel scattered, preventing you from making significant progress.

& Burnout

Juggling multiple responsibilities can lead to overwhelm and burnout. As an ambitious entrepreneur, you’re constantly pulled in different directions, which can leave you feeling exhausted and unable to devote enough energy to essential aspects of your business.

Missing Expert Guidance

It’s challenging to navigate the complex landscape of boutique businesses without expert guidance. A fresh perspective, industry insights, and proven strategies are essential to overcome challenges and unlock the full potential of your business.

But here’s the good news:

It doesn’t have to be this way

I know how it feels to be stuck, pouring your heart and soul into your business without seeing the desired results. And trust me, your story can have a happy ending too.

Instead of struggling with the constant overwhelm and lack of strategic focus that holds you back, imagine how it would feel to finally:

  • Replace the confusion with a clear, strategic focus that propels your boutique business forward. Imagine having a roadmap that guides your actions and ensures every effort contributes to your desired outcomes.
  • Leave behind the exhausting cycle of burnout and embrace sustainable growth. Picture yourself building a thriving business that flourishes while you find joy and balance in your work-life harmony.
  • Instead of tirelessly chasing after customers, envision a scenario where your ideal clients are drawn to your boutique effortlessly. Imagine a loyal customer base that appreciates your unique offerings and keeps coming back for more.
  • Break free from the crowd and establish yourself as a true leader in your industry. Envision your boutique business becoming the go-to destination, known for its exceptional products, unparalleled service, and captivating brand.
  • Say goodbye to financial limitations and embrace the abundance you deserve. Picture yourself enjoying the rewards of your hard work, reaching new levels of profitability, and gaining the financial independence you’ve always desired.
  • Imagine leaving a lasting impact on your industry and beyond. Visualize the ripple effect of your success, inspiring other women entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and create their own thriving businesses.

And the truth is…

Your story can have a happy ending too.

Instead of struggling with the constant overwhelm and lack of strategic focus that holds you back, I’m here to help you rewrite your narrative. I’ve walked the same path, faced the same challenges, and discovered the strategies that truly make a difference.

Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of running a business and overcome the struggles that have been holding you back. I’ll provide the expertise, guidance, and unwavering support you need to turn your dreams into reality.

I’m here to help.
That’s why we created our

ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) Identification

  • By identifying your ideal customer profile, we help you streamline your marketing efforts and focus on the customers who are most likely to engage with your boutique and become loyal advocates.
  • Gain deep insights into your target audience, their needs, preferences, and buying behaviors. This understanding allows you to tailor your offerings and messaging to resonate with your customers on a profound level.
  • With a clear understanding of your ideal customers, you can create targeted marketing campaigns that speak directly to their desires, increasing the likelihood of conversion and driving more sales for your boutique.
  • Eliminate wasteful spending on broad marketing strategies that fail to reach your target audience. By honing in on your ideal customers, you can optimize your marketing budget and achieve higher returns on your investment.
  • When you precisely target your ideal customers, you have the opportunity to build deeper connections and foster long-term relationships. By understanding their unique needs, you can provide exceptional experiences that keep them coming back for more.
  • Stand out from the competition by having a crystal-clear understanding of your ideal customers. This knowledge allows you to position your boutique business as the go-to destination for your target audience, giving you a significant competitive edge.

let me introduce…


Introducing TargetFit™: The revolutionary ICP Identification service designed exclusively for entrepreneurs & boutique owners.

At Laken Lane Consultancy, we understand the challenges you face in attracting and serving the right customers who can drive your boutique’s success. That’s why we created TargetFit™ – to empower you with the tools and insights needed to unlock the secrets of your ideal customer profile and pave the way to exponential growth. With our deep understanding of the industry and your aspirations for financial independence and lasting legacy, TargetFit™ is tailor-made to help you strategically identify and connect with your million-dollar customers. We believe that every boutique owner deserves the opportunity to thrive, and that starts by defining and engaging the right clientele. Join us on this transformative journey and discover how TargetFit™ can fuel your boutique’s prosperity like never before.

This Might Be for You if:
  • You’re determined to elevate your boutique business: If you have a burning desire to push your boutique to new heights, attract high-value customers, and achieve extraordinary growth, TargetFit™ is your strategic partner.
  • You believe in the power of precision: You understand that success lies in targeted marketing, personalized experiences, and serving the right customers. TargetFit™ equips you with the insights needed to connect authentically with your ideal clientele.
  • You’re ready to unlock the secrets of your ideal customers: TargetFit™ dives deep into market research, customer profiling, and data analysis to uncover the characteristics, preferences, and behaviors of your million-dollar customers.
  • You value strategic decision-making: By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your ideal customers, you’ll make informed choices regarding product development, pricing, branding, and marketing strategies, setting yourself apart from the competition.
  • You crave exponential growth and profitability: TargetFit™ empowers you to streamline your efforts, attract high-paying customers, and maximize your boutique’s revenue potential, bringing you closer to your financial goals.
  • You’re seeking a trusted partner on your journey: With TargetFit™, you’ll work hand-in-hand with our team of experienced consultants and researchers who are passionate about your success. We provide expert guidance, personalized support, and the strategic insights you need to flourish.
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Do you want to make a change but don’t know where to start?

You’re in the right place. TargetFit™ is the key that unlocks the path to transforming your boutique business and your life. In this comprehensive course, you will gain valuable skills that will empower you to attract and serve your million-dollar customers like never before.

These are the valuable skills you will learn from TargetFit™ that will transform your life or business:

  • The art of identifying and understanding your ideal customer profile with precision
  • Strategies for personalized marketing that resonates with your target audience
  • Techniques to create exceptional customer experiences that build loyalty and drive sales
  • Tactics to stand out in a competitive market and become a leader in your industry
  • Insights into effective product development and pricing strategies tailored to your customers’ needs
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A Peek Inside the Process

Your Journey to TargetFit™ Success

Unveiling the core essence of your boutique business begins with an in-depth discovery session. This session is a pivotal moment where we delve deep into your goals, challenges, and target market. Through engaging interviews and comprehensive analysis, we gain a thorough understanding of your unique value proposition, competitive landscape, and current customer base. This deep dive allows us to grasp the intricacies of your boutique business, laying the foundation for the transformative TargetFit™ process.

During the discovery session, we will engage in a collaborative discussion to explore your aspirations, challenges, and vision for your boutique. We’ll examine your current marketing strategies, customer interactions, and business operations to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth. By tapping into your expert knowledge and experience, we ensure that our solutions align perfectly with your business objectives. This session serves as the catalyst for the TargetFit™ journey, enabling us to create a tailored roadmap to guide you towards your million-dollar customer blueprint.

At TargetFit™, we understand the immense importance of market research in uncovering the secrets of your ideal customers. Armed with your valuable insights from the discovery session, our team of expert researchers embarks on an extensive market research expedition. We analyze industry trends, consumer behavior, and competitor strategies to gain a comprehensive understanding of your target market.

During this step, we dive deep into the data, conducting surveys, collecting industry reports, and analyzing market statistics. By dissecting the demographics, psychographics, and purchasing behaviors of your potential customers, we unearth valuable insights that inform the creation of your ideal customer profile. This meticulous research ensures that your targeting strategies are laser-focused and perfectly aligned with your customers’ desires and expectations.

With the valuable information gathered during the market research phase, we move on to crafting a comprehensive ideal customer profile for your boutique. This profile serves as a detailed representation of your target audience, encapsulating their demographics, psychographics, values, aspirations, pain points, and preferences. It becomes a powerful tool that guides your marketing strategies, product development, and customer engagement efforts.

Drawing from the data and insights acquired, we develop a rich narrative of your ideal customer, helping you understand their needs, motivations, and purchasing behaviors. This profile forms the backbone of your business decisions, enabling you to tailor your messaging, design customer experiences, and fine-tune your marketing channels for maximum impact. By aligning your boutique’s offerings with the desires and aspirations of your ideal customers, you gain a significant competitive edge in the market, positioning yourself as the go-to brand for your target audience.

The TargetFit™ process goes beyond these initial steps, equipping you with tailored strategies, actionable recommendations, ongoing support, and optimization techniques to further propel your boutique towards million-dollar success. Each step is carefully designed to provide you with the knowledge, insights, and practical tools needed to attract, serve, and retain your most valuable customers. Embark on this transformative journey with us and unlock the immense potential within your boutique business.

Armed with a deep understanding of your boutique business and your ideal customer profile, we move on to the next pivotal step: developing tailored strategies and providing you with actionable recommendations. We leverage the insights gained from the discovery session, market research, and ideal customer profiling to create a roadmap specifically designed to attract, engage, and retain your million-dollar customers.

During this step, our expert consultants meticulously analyze and evaluate your current marketing efforts, branding, messaging, and customer touchpoints. We identify areas for improvement and craft customized strategies that align with your ideal customer profile. These strategies may include refining your brand positioning, enhancing your online presence, optimizing your customer journey, or implementing targeted marketing campaigns.

Our actionable recommendations are designed to provide you with practical steps and tangible solutions. We break down complex concepts into clear and easy-to-follow guidance, empowering you to implement these strategies effectively. Whether it’s revamping your website, developing a content marketing strategy, or utilizing social media platforms to engage with your target audience, we ensure that each recommendation is tailored to your unique business needs and goals.

At TargetFit™, our commitment to your success extends beyond the delivery of strategies and recommendations. We believe in providing ongoing support and guidance to help you navigate the implementation process and optimize your results. We understand that the business landscape is constantly evolving, and we are here to assist you in adapting to changes, seizing new opportunities, and staying ahead of the competition.

Throughout your TargetFit™ journey, our team of experienced consultants will be readily available to answer your questions, provide clarifications, and offer guidance. We value open communication and encourage regular check-ins to ensure that you feel supported and confident in your implementation efforts. We also provide regular progress assessments, helping you measure the effectiveness of the strategies and make data-driven adjustments for continuous optimization.

Our aim is to empower you to take control of your boutique’s success and equip you with the knowledge and tools needed for long-term growth. With our ongoing support and optimization, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate any challenges that arise, make informed decisions, and seize opportunities to further propel your boutique towards the million-dollar mark and beyond.

there’s bonuses!

1:1 Strategy Call

As a valued client of TargetFit™, you will receive a bonus 1:1 strategy call with our experienced consultants. This 30-minute call will provide you with an opportunity to discuss specific challenges, ask questions, and receive personalized guidance tailored to your boutique business. We will address any concerns, clarify strategies, and help you navigate the implementation process effectively.

a Success Manager

To ensure your experience with TargetFit™ is seamless and successful, you will have access to a dedicated Success Manager. Your Success Manager will serve as your point of contact throughout the journey, providing personalized guidance, addressing any questions or concerns, and offering strategic advice tailored to your specific needs. They will work closely with you to ensure you have the support and resources necessary to achieve your boutique’s growth goals.

30-Day Support

We understand that implementing new strategies and making changes to your boutique can sometimes be challenging. That’s why we offer 30-day support as a bonus with TargetFit™. During this period, you can reach out to our team with any questions or concerns that may arise as you apply the recommendations and strategies provided. We are committed to ensuring your success and will be there to support you every step of the way.

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  • 1:1 strategy call (30 minutes)
  • 30-day support
  • Access to a dedicated Success Manager

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  • 1:1 strategy call (30 minutes)
  • 30-day support
  • Access to a dedicated Success Manager
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Payment Plan



  • 1:1 strategy call (30 minutes)
  • 30-day support
  • Access to a dedicated Success Manager