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A sanctuary that houses all of our website’s legal policies and documents. Crafted with care to align with our brand’s message of individuality and empowerment to protect you and your journey with us.

Collective agreements

Our collective agreements, housed within our Legal Fortress, serve as a shield protecting you and your journey with us. Outlined with care to ensure your rights and responsibilities are clear, and navigation of our website is seamless. Tap on the square and explore the agreements that govern your experience with us.

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Unlock the power of choice and control as you navigate our webpage. Embrace the freedom to shape your own experience as you manage your consent with us. Let your passions guide you as you explore the boundless possibilities of our online realm.

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Step into the realm of autonomy as you guide your journey on our website. With a simple click, you hold power to shape your experience as you manage your consent through the drop-down below. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the endless possibilities of our digital world.

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Empowering Data Control: Our Data Removal Request Form

Beneath the surface of our website lies a powerful tool, a gateway to reclaiming control over your personal data. Our data removal request form, nestled below, serves as a beacon of hope, a way to shed the digital baggage that weighs you down. With a few simple clicks, you can bid farewell to unwanted information and pave the way for a fresh start. Don’t let your data define you; take charge of your online identity with our data removal request form.

Data Freedom Form